Hello I am Bianca also known as Bee your holiday home host to all the Unique Stays Auz be spoke holiday homes. I would love to make a connection with you by not only by being your holiday home host but also in your ears with my latest podcast “Be with Bee” sharing all my life adventure stories. I also want to make a connection with you by being by your side with my Be with Bee NEW CONSULTING services! 

Bee With Bee Consulting 

I love making connections and networks but most of all I get much joy from guiding & helping others. With my wealth of expertise and knowledge it’s time to share it and make further connections by providing consulting services in the following areas;

  • Desgin & Style; Consulting those who want to achieve the Queenslander, coastal, cottage end result with either their home build, renovation or restoration project
  • Holiday Homes; Consulting those who want to start or who have already started their holiday home adventure that wish to be a connected, confident host plus more!

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Bee With Bee Podcast 

There is so many stories that I am excited to share with you such as

  •  The journey with restoring @wynola_boomerang an 1920’s Queenslander cutting it into four and transporting from QLD to NSW Boarders setting her up to be an iconic holiday home in the area of Boomerang Beach
  • The creation of the @Uniquestays_auz holiday home business and how I survived being in business for 10+ years with her husband called Suresearch Pty Ltd growing it from just the two of them to over 65 staff to then successfully selling it a few years ago.
  • Interviews with amazing connections with really special people that are either apart of my life or i have crossed paths with throughout all my journeys.

Plus so much more! So be sure to Tune in on Apple Podcast by clicking https://podcasts.apple.com/au/podcast/be-with-bee-podcast/id151520392